November 2007 Wow! Where do I begin???? Jocelyn still hadn’t been given any solid food because our pediatrician wanted to be sure that she could handle it so we scheduled a swallow study before we could introduce it to her. Unfortunately the swallow study results showed that Jocelyn was aspirating. This means what ever she swallows is also going into here lungs. This can cause pneumonia. They told us she shouldn’t have anything by mouth and to contact the pediatrician immediately. They admitted us to the hospital to have a temporary feeding tube placed as she was evaluated and they could discuss with us what to do. The doctors wanted to do surgery to insert a feeding tube through her stomach. This was the weekend before Thanksgiving. They taught me how to feed her and let us go home for the holiday. The surgery was scheduled for the 27th. As much as we didn’t want to have to do this we knew it would be best for her. …… We were still waiting for the test results for the genetics lab. Apparently someone messed up the test and we had to have it redone. ….

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