Appointment Update – Atelectasis

How was her appointment???? Well the x-ray shows that she still has the atelectasis Very disappointing. Therefore we met with respiratory therapy and she finally had us increase the pressures of the cough assists to almost 40 both ways. The nutritionist we were looking to talk to was out sick. The fill in really didn’t know about SMA. As for the doctor he just listened to her and told us the results of the x-ray. He then discussed things/people he would like to put us in contact with. Ex; a GI study to officially see if she has reflux, and their P.T. As for the sleep study. Just not fun. She just cries the whole time they are hooking her up. Then it was the night they wanted to introduce her to bipap and see what settings she would need??? So then finding a mask sucked. Eventually they were done setting her up but she had a long night. The bipap kept making her spit. Once she fell asleep she probably woke up at least every hour fussing. It was a long night. It could take up till 14 days to get the results of the sleep study so now we just wait. He did say he wanted to try to rush the results hoping to have them next week. We will see. As for Jocelyn she is happy to be home:)

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