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Sleeping Troubles

So…. The doctor finally got a chance to call back. As for the sleep study she did very well. They would still like to put her on bipap at night. It is supposed to help rest her muscles so she will have more energy during the day. They are trying to get us the respironics AVAPS machine???? I really don’t know much about this stuff yet. I guess I will learn. And for the GI study we are holding off a little longer on that. Jocelyn is doing much better on the peptimen Jr. I am still interested on in the AA diet but not sure when to switch. She seems to be doing well for now.

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Sleep Study Results

We kind of have the results of the sleep study. A nurse called to say that Dr. Kravitzs’ plan is to start her on bipap at night with settings of 15 over 4. I asked about he sleep study and she said she only knows what she has in front of her and basically that says she had several mixed apnea and would like to begin bipap. Nothing specific. I have asked for the doctor to call or schedule follow up or something. I would like to know some of the details. Now it is trying to figure out which machine and how to get it started. I’ll keep you informed.

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