Jocelyn is catching on quickly with computer games

Jocelyn is doing well! She has gotten a few computer games and is catching on quickly. She really enjoys it. She is a little click happy. But has learned that if the music stops hit the button again. I think I listened to Old Mac Donald 40 something times this morning. icon smile Jocelyn is catching on quickly with computer games We love to listen to Jocelyn trying to talk and laughing, her laugh has got to be one of my most favorite sounds EVER! She has gotten both Shane and I laughing out loud with her. We just love it. I will try to catch it on video. As for the norm…. We are just working on getting a TLSO (kind of like a back brace, it helps with scoliosis) for Jocelyn. It has been a little difficult. The one they made has a hole big enough for the g-tube but still seems to constrict her breathing. She fusses the whole time she is in it. I am working on sending pictures that I have found of other children’s to help them to get hers more comfortable. They want to keep it solid and make more room in the tummy area and I am trying to get them to cut the tummy area out. We’ll see. I guess when you cut it out he says in takes away from the amount of support it gives. I’ll keep you updated. Hopefully we can figure this out.

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