Monthly Archives: November 2008

Hello there… new TLSO

We just want to say hello! Remember no news is good news around here. Not much is going on. We are patiently waiting inside for the warm weather to come back. Things have been kind of quiet around here. We did get the new TLSO. She is not so fond of it but is tolerating it. I like it much better now that it is two pieces. Hope everyone is doing well! We will update soon. Please pray for safe and happy travels. Jocelyn is not so fond of long car rides and we are going to attempt to visit the family for Thanksgiving. So we are praying that she will do well traveling. Thank you!

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Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We did. Jocelyn had a busy day but did great. We dressed her up as a little farmer girl. She was a cutie. We took her to church where they do trunk or treat. For those of you who don’t know what it is (I didn’t until I moved here) we go to the church and several people volunteer there cars. So we did. We all park cars and lift the trunks. The trunks get decorated and the children go trick or treating from trunk to trunk. It was cute. We put Jocelyn in her wagon in her little costume and she got to watch the children walking around to get candy. She was a big hit!

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