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Trying out a power wheelchair…

Hello everyone! Things are going well. Jocelyn is doing good. We are really enjoying this nice weather. We have gotten to go for walks again! We have walked the puppies up to the lake to play! So much fun. This fresh air great!!!!We are really enjoying being able to get out of the house a bit. We have been spoiled with the weather and just in time. It was getting old being stuck inside. Come on Spring!!!!!! We had a very exciting morning today. We had some visitors……. Carolina Mobility brought us a power wheel chair to check out. Jocelyn did a great job! We are definitely ready to get her one. I added some of the video on here so you can see how well she did. It was fun!

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Feb 4, 2009

Quick little update…… Not much new is happening around here. We have had a couple little “episodes” where her numbers drop but we are able to get them right back up. I guess maybe extra secretions from teething, unless it is the crazy weather that is warm cold warm cold. But other than that she is doing well. Jocelyn enjoys playing with all of her new toys. She likes painting and coloring. We are still working on gripping the the marker though. She will make a few lines then drop it. We are getting to explore options with a power wheel chair next Tues. so that should be interesting. I will update then and let you know how she does. Hope everyone is well. We love you!

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