Trying out the stander…

Alright….. bad mama! It has been a while. I know Sorry! We really haven’t been doing to much. Still waiting for warm weather. icon smile Trying out the stander... We have gotten a few nice days so there are few new pictures of us outside in the wagon. Jocelyn loves to be pulled in her wagon. She was really cute. We would call Nala (one of our dogs) over to us and make her sit. We would say ready set go and try to race Nala. Jocelyn would giggle. It was very cute! Also we have a new piece of equipment to try out. We now have a stander. As I am learning your bones become very fragile when you are not bearing any weight. So we hope to help this a bit with the stander. We are unable to put her in a complete standing position but we incline her a good bit. She seems to be doing well with this. Hope everyone is doing well. We look forward to visiting with everyone once the warm weather is back. We miss and love you all!

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