Jocelyn’s Birthday – Thank You!

549215378 ZZRZk Th Jocelyns Birthday   Thank You!Hmmm…. Wow…. I don’t know where to begin! We are truly blessed! God is good! We have been blessed with not only this amazing little girl but such wonderful family and friends. We pray that each of you will be blessed as we have. The feelings of appreciation towards all of you are to much to even explain. We are so grateful for everyone. You have all touched our lives in so many ways! Thank you to all that were able to join us to celebrate Jocelyn’s Birthday! It was great to see everyone. Thank you for the generous gifts and the time you were able to spend with us. We had a wonderful time. We will be sure to post pictures of Jocelyn swinging in new swing on the playground that you have helped us to get. Thank you! For those who don’t know we took Jocelyn to the circus on Sunday. It was such a great experience. She is such a trooper and did a wonderful job. It was the Cole Brothers circus. And they treated us like royalty. We had lots of fun. You will have to check out some of the pictures. Jocelyn got to ride on an elephant and a pony. icon wink Jocelyns Birthday   Thank You! We had such a great weekend! Thank you to all those that made it possible. We love you!

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