Jocelyn has been dedicated to the Lord

So I have been waiting to update so I can add pictures. Just haven’t gotten a chance to get the pictures off the camera. I will here soon though sorry. I do want to fill you in on what we have been up to. Thanks to all of you Jocelyn now has an awesome new playground. Jocelyn loves her swing. We are finally getting to go on some walks and get out of the house. Just staying close by for now though. We love to walk down to the lake and watch the puppies play in the water. Jocelyn has enjoyed playing in the sand with her friend Jaeys down by the water. We have had some really beautiful days! That is when it is not raining icon wink Jocelyn has been dedicated to the Lord Mother’s day was great! What a special day! We took Jocelyn to church and had her dedicated that morning. How bout we have no pictures of this special event. icon sad Jocelyn has been dedicated to the Lord Sorry! Had the camera in the stroller but they called all three of us to the front and I didn’t get a chance to ask someone to take a picture. Oooops! Last weekend we took Jocelyn to pick strawberries. She enjoyed watching all the children out in the field. And Daddy who got to do most of the picking. Good Job Daddy! They were yummy! Jocelyn did get to lay in the middle of the field and pick a few herself. Very cute! somehow I came across a little bug. Since Mon. or Tues. of last week I have had a little runny/stuffy nose. I did start with a sore throat too. I didn’t feel bad the whole time and one may say maybe “allergies” but unfortunately not the case. So as hard as I tried the little misses still caught it. We noticed it Friday night as she began with extra secretions and continued with stuff in her nose and you can just tell she is feeling crummy. We are trying hard to treat this from home. Of course being that it is the weekend we did not get to see a doctor. I did talk to the on call pediatrician. He agreed that it is most likely the cold that I had. icon sad Jocelyn has been dedicated to the Lord We are hoping to treat her here. We are praying that it wont turn into anything else. She has had a rough weekend consisting of congestion and fever. She is a trooper. Although she is not enjoying the extra treatments we are getting through them. Most likely we will have her doctor check her out to make sure it isn’t anything else and maybe????? an antibiotic to make sure this congestion doesn’t turn into a pneumonia. PLEASE pray for her quick recovery and that it may be here at home.

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