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The Stum family visits…

We had and AWESOME weekend! Very dear friends of ours, the Stum Family, came to visit!!!!!!! We had such a great time and are soooo sad they are gone. We will miss you! We took all the kids to the lake, putt-putt, and hung around here some too. We posted some pictures icon smile The Stum family visits... The time just goes by way to fast. But we are thankful that we had the opportunity to spend the time together. Although these times are so happy while they last it brings tears to my eyes when I realize how far we are from so many loved ones. It is so hard to see how grown these babies are and we have missed seeing them grow. Please enjoy the new pictures and look for more to come soon. We have a very busy month. We will have more company this weekend. Then a trip to PA and a trip to Myrtle Beach! We are looking forward to each weekend and just pray for good health, safe travels for all, and happy times! Love to all!

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Our playground is finished…

577292132 jfRa6 Th Our playground is finished...Quick little update! We haven’t been to busy we just keep getting rained on icon sad Our playground is finished... But as you can see we finally got a chance to go outside and play on or finished playground. Thanks again to all of you that help make that possible. Such a big birthday gift for a little girl. icon smile Our playground is finished... We love it! As for anything new. Just the norm. Hopefully now that the sun is coming back out we can make it to the pool and the beach more. We will have to take lots of pictures to make up for all the time I have made you all wait for these. We should have lots of company this summer, we are very excited. If you get a chance check out the Look what I can do section under photos. We were able to get Jocelyn to blow bubbles in a cup of water. She was tickled that she could do it. Very cute! We pray for safe travels for all those that are attending the SMA conference this weekend. We wish we could be there to meet and learn with you all but it just didn’t work out this year. Maybe next year. We look forward to hearing all about it.

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2nd Annual Benefit Thank You

555469728 tj8Qf Th 3 2nd Annual Benefit Thank YouWOW! AMAZING! We had a wonderful time in DE. The benefit was GREAT! Thanks to all that helped to make it such a success. Jocelyn truly enjoyed all of your company. She did very well. There aren’t words to say how thankful we are to all of you. We just pray that God will bless you as he has us. It was great to see so many of you that we don’t get to see often. I am sorry to those we were unable to see. We look forward to seeing everyone at the benefit because it really hard to visit everyone separate in such a short time. There are LOTS of pictures of the event. Uncle Derek is collecting and will put them all up at once. Please enjoy. We will write again soon. We have returned home safe and sound and somehow skipped spring??????? It is 90 something here. Hmmmm…. But hope to have a fun filled healthy summer. We love you all!

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