The Stum family visits…

We had and AWESOME weekend! Very dear friends of ours, the Stum Family, came to visit!!!!!!! We had such a great time and are soooo sad they are gone. We will miss you! We took all the kids to the lake, putt-putt, and hung around here some too. We posted some pictures icon smile The Stum family visits... The time just goes by way to fast. But we are thankful that we had the opportunity to spend the time together. Although these times are so happy while they last it brings tears to my eyes when I realize how far we are from so many loved ones. It is so hard to see how grown these babies are and we have missed seeing them grow. Please enjoy the new pictures and look for more to come soon. We have a very busy month. We will have more company this weekend. Then a trip to PA and a trip to Myrtle Beach! We are looking forward to each weekend and just pray for good health, safe travels for all, and happy times! Love to all!

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