2nd Annual Golf Tournament

I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU! We are so very blessed to have such great friends and family! The golf tournament went very well. Thanks to all those that were able to participate and contributed. We had a great time and Jocelyn had a wonderful day! She was a little disappointed when I brought her back from her golf cart ride. I think she may could have rode on there all day icon smile 2nd Annual Golf Tournament Some more great news…….. We got it….. the wheelchair is here!!!!! So far she is doing o.k in it. We do not have a back brace that fits her right now so I think that will make a difference but for now she is doing well for short periods at a time. I think it must be something she will have to get used to. And as soon as i figure out the position that is going to be best for her. We will take some picture of her in it and post them this weekend. She was showing off for Daddy last night in it. Real cute. She loved to try to chase him. I promise I will update again sooner.

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