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Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! We sure did. Jocelyn has been doing well. We were able to go to the pumpkin patch a couple weekends ago, carve pumpkins, and go trunk or treating. This has been a huge treat for her as we are always so careful this time of the year that we really don’t get to go to very many places. We have had fun. I have added some new pictures. In case you can’t tell we included Jocelyn’s stroller in her costume this year. She was a present. We wrapped cardboard big enough to go around the stroller then made a big bow for her to hold. Attached to the bow was a tag that said To: The Lee’s From: God. It seemed to be a big hit. She loved being out and seeing lots of other people. It often makes you feel bad that we keep her away this time of the year but the risk is way to big. Along with our Halloween festivities we have also been to the doctors a few times. Luckily not for sickness. We have been trying to get a TLSO made and are having a time. We found someone who can use a machine to scan Jocelyn’s back to get the dimensions instead of making a cast mold which would be very stressful for her. The only thing is she is the first SMA patient he has had so we are trying to contact a orthotist in Wisconsin who has done several but haven’t gotten in touch yet. And now we learned they need more pictures so we have to go back. Which is not fun for Jocelyn. Also we have gone to the pediatrician for the flu, RSV, and the H1N1 shot. I don’t like the idea of putting so much into her system but it isn’t worth the possibility for her getting the illness and someone saying this wouldn’t be so bad if she would have gotten the shots. I have to go with there advice on this one. Not sure yet how the holidays will go…… We are waiting until it gets a little closer but are hoping that we will get to spend time with friends and family. I will update again soon. Hope you enjoy the new pictures.

Ooops! Just realized as the pictures were downloading that I added them all to the October. I was going to do a separate category for the zoo. But We got to go to the zoo. We have been trying for a while now to go and it just kept not working out so kind of last minute we just decided to go. We had a great time. We decided to let Jocelyn nap on the way so that she would be well rested when we got there. Giving us the afternoon to walk around. Ha Ha! So I thought that was a good idea. Except someone else had other plans. : ) Miss Jocelyn would just lay there calling for us. She now can say mama and dad. It is adorable that she can do it but we really wanted her to nap. Guess she was a little excited to get the zoo. If you would ignore her, which was hard to do as we are all sitting in the same car, she would get louder since she was on bipap. This would make us laugh then it would all start over. We look tell her to close her eyes and take a nap. She closes them for a couple of seconds, peaks to see if you are still looking then begins calling us again. Finally about 30 minutes before we got there she fell asleep so we sat in the parking lot for another 30 so she would at least have an hour nap before we took her to walk around. She seemed to really enjoy looking at all the animals. We had an extra special treat afterward. On our way home we stopped for dinner and were joined by Shane’s sister, Brother, sister-in-law, and nephews. Sorry Katelyn that we missed you. We were so glad to get to spend some time visiting with them. We really miss them and need to do a much better job visiting and staying in touch. Time goes by way to fast. We love you, thank you!

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