Update for the New Year

O.k. Here I am. All is o.k. I have no good excuse for such a delay in update. I can only say I have been slacking a bit. And I am sorry! But hey you will have lots to look at now.

As for us……. We have been making the best of our hibernation. icon smile Update for the New Year

Christmas was good. We enjoyed the time with our family and friends. We have been able to spend time with some really great friends, which has be lots of fun. Shane has had to travel a bit out of town here lately but we have been doing well. Jocelyn and I know that we have great friends and neighbor’s near by if we needed them in an emergency but so far saying our prayers and knowing we have Dr. Jesus here with us has gotten us through the days and nights without him. We are always excited to see him return safely to us. Jocelyn is always smiling ear to ear when you ask her “Who’s that?”

Our newest fun has been the recent snow. We were able to take Jocelyn sledding. We had so much fun. She had a blast. If you would stop she would give you her version of “again”. You will have to take a look at the pictures because when I tell you how we did it some of you are gonna say “You did what” (Grandma’s) But really we were careful and hey she liked it. Yes we used a swimming pool full of lots of warm blankets and tied it to the back of the four wheeler. icon razz Update for the New Year I guess that is what happens when you cooped up in the house for so long. Your brain starts spinning for ideas to get out. Just two more months and we should be blessed with some more warm weather.

I will try to be better about the updates, we just don’t have much new going on this time of the year.

Thanks for checking in.

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