Birth of Nathan Kris Lee – 8-9-12

We would like to announce the birth of Jocelyn’s new baby brother Nathan Kris Lee!  God brought him into this world on August 9th.  Nathan was a huge 9lbs 5 ounces!  We can’t express enough in words how awesome God is!  He has continued to bless our family time and time again.  He was named Nathan after the Prophet Nathan in the time of King David, Nathan in Hebrew means “God has given”.  God has given us everything that is good and we praise Him by promising to give Him Nathan in service of His kingdom.  We did the SMA testing and the test says that Nathan has SMA, however we trust that God has a different answer.  We have adopted Psalm 118:17 as Nathan’s life motto, it says “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the LORD”.  We believe that God can do EXACTLY what His Word says….Nathan will be an example of putting our faith in Jesus Christ as we believe he will grow up to show no signs of SMA and proclaim the saving Grace of our Lord and Savior.  Rejoice with us for Jesus has taken our transgressions upon the cross and therefore disease has no authority over our lives!!!

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  1. Kim Carlin says:

    We have been praying for Nathan and will continue to pray that a cure will be found and Nathan and all of those with SMA will be healed. Please give Jen and the family my love and thoughts. Please know you all are in our prayers daily Jen. We don’t know God’s plan but I do know he’s always here and he is all powerful and all mighty. Jocelyn defied so many odds proving herself as a true miracle and I know Nathan is a precious gift from God just as his name states.
    Love and prayers

  2. Jennifer says:

    You guys have been on my mind lately and now I know why. Congrats on Nathan!! I am so sorry to hear about his daignosis. If we can do anything please let us know! Hugs!!
    James, Jennifer and Addy

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